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Welcome to Pulteney House

We hope you enjoy your stay in Bath with us. This digital guidebook is here to provide you details about our accommodation, as well as discounts and recommendations for things to see and do in our wonderful historic city. Think of it as your first and trusted travel resource whilst you're staying with us.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Arriving somewhere new is fun. But it's not always easy to find the best places to eat, see, and experience. This guidebook fixes all that, and gives you access to money saving offers. We are a proud member of Stay in Bath, a local organisation that has curated the best that Bath has to offer, along with discounts or promotions that will save you money during your stay. Great restaurants, local museums, spas, walking tours and more! As a guest staying with us you get access to all this. Just head to the Bath Reward Card section in the menu. 

Navigating the Guidebook

If you're using your mobile or tablet, just tap the menu button above (3 white lines) to find what you're looking for. If you're using your desktop/laptop then use the menu to the left. There's also a map tab at the bottom of the screen which you can filter to narrow your choices.

Print or Save a PDF

If you would like to print certain pages ahead of travelling, or if you'd like to save a PDF to your device, just tap the print button above. It won't print right away, but will create a PDF which you can save or print.

What Next?

Please relax, unwind, have fun, and enjoy your stay!

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